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After the ban of China’s Tik Tok as well as 59 other Chinese apps from India on June 29, 2020; Indians took the initiative to create their own versions of the globally successful video app.

One of the apps that took to the spotlight is MX TakTak.

Debuting in July 2020, barely a month after Tiktok’s ban, the app grew quickly to become a major contender in the video social media industry.

If you’re looking for a place with less competition and with opportunities to reach out to millions of people around the world, MX TakaTak is that place to go.

In this article, we’ll be learning how to trend on MX TakaTak and make more sales from it.


1.      What is MX TakaTak?

2.      Where did MX TakaTak begin?

3.      What features does have MX TakaTak?

4.      5 MX TakaTak stats you should know about.

5.      How do you use MX TakaTak to boost sales?

6.      How do you trend on MX TakaTak?

7.      In Conclusion


MX TakaTak is an Indian Social Media application that was released in July 2020. Basically, it functions as a video-sharing app.

According to the description on Google Play Store, “MX TakaTak offers you real and fun videos that you can watch and share on social media. Browse all types of videos ranging from Dialogue Dubbing, Comedy, Gaming, DIY, Food, Sports, Memes and much more.”

MX TakaTak has reached 150 million Monthly Average Users, and it can be used in 10 languages: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi and English.

MX TakaTak is one major place to go if you desire to reach a predominantly Indian audience. However, MX TakaTak is spreading across the world too as it has merged with Share Chat’s Moj which is the largest Indian short video app, with over 160 million MAUs and over 50 million creator communities in 15 Indian languages. This merger will lead to one of the biggest shifts in India’s social media and entertainment system.


Barely one month after Tiktok was banned from India along with the other 59 Chinese apps in 2020, MX Takatak was released.

Following in the footstep of Moj, the MX TakaTak app began to thrive till it garnered an average of 150 million users every month.

According to MX Media CEO Karan Bedi: “As India’s largest digital entertainment platform, MX has always strived to build superior world-class products, and Takatak is no exception. This combined with Moj’s AI and execution capabilities makes the combined business a truly world-class short video platform. MX has created two ‘unicorns’ within one business, unlocking significant value for our shareholders, and will now continue to double down on OTT [streaming], with significantly increased financial resources.”

The MX Takatak currently has 767,166 downloads on the internet. On the Google Play store currently, MX Takatak crossed 100 million downloads. For an Indian app currently entering the market, this is a huge feat.


  • 15-60 seconds videos are allowed on the app. This includes normal videos, lip sync videos, videos with special effects and filters. These videos could be about anything: comedy, romance skits, voice-over dubs, DIYs, Before/After videos and so on.

  • Content Creation in ten languages. MX TakaTak app allows you to create content in 10 languages: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi and English. Because of this, there’s a major opening for creating content for the Indian market.

  • Save and share videos: TakaTak gives you access to over 10,000 videos which you can save on your device to watch later. You can also share them on multiple social media platforms concurrently.
  • Sound overs: MX TakaTak allows you to add sound overs that you can vibe to in your videos. Unfortunately, most of these songs are Indian. They should work for your video though.

  • Dialogue Dubbing: Though this feature is quite similar to sound overs, it allows you to lip-sync conversations from movies and even songs so that you can pass messages across to your followers with your own facial expressions.
  • Voice Editing: This feature allows you to talk with a different style or accent without any extra effort on your part. You can take the voice of a baby, chipmunk, alpha male, foreigner or even a robot. There are so much more voice settings to choose from.

  • Photo editor for stories: TakaTak allows you to compile and edit photos to make stories from them. You can also add songs as voiceovers for the

  • Speed shots: MX TakaTak allows you to take a speed shot as it compresses the time for a normal video into a fraction of the time. It gives videos a funny yet professional look.

  • Beauty Effects: MX TakaTak also offers beauty effects for videos. It has skin polishing, skin whitening, skin shining, Face Cutting, Face Slimming, Face lengthening, Jaw lowering, Eye enlargement and Nose slimming features. It also allows you to alter your mouth’s width, alter the width of your mandible and reduce your cheek size. You can even increase/decrease your hairline, whiten your teeth, remove smiling creases alter your eye angle, remove dark circles from your eyes and so much more. So, whatever beauty effect works for you, you have a long list of options to take a pick from.

  • Filters: MX TakaTak has about 18 different filters with a strength gauge that decides how well these filters will affect your photo/video. These have a way of enhancing the beauty of your photos. Don’t forget to use one of them when you’re editing your videos.
  • Effects: MX TakaTak has a wide array of effects to choose from. These include Soul Out which makes you look like a ghost; Screen Split which makes splits your video into multiple screens, Mirror which gives your video a mirror effect and so much more. Your videos will be far from boring with these.

  •  Automatic Timers: It is also possible to set automatic timers for your videos so that you don’t have to worry about ending your videos when you’re done with shooting. This is just what you need for videos that require a professional, off-hand effect.

  • Stickers: Though still under the sticker section, MX TakaTak also offers a lot of stickers that help your video to stand out. There are a lot to select from. Stickers give your videos an intimate feel so that your followers feel at home with you.

  • Creator Support: MX TakaTak has a benefit program for creators to assist in developing a creator-friendly ecosystem on the platform. They seek to support and nurture high-quality creators on the platform by providing training, seminars, and other resources to help them flourish. 

  • Community Guidelines: MX TakaTak also has a strict community guideline to guarantee that no content violating the rules is permitted on the app. This is to protect both creators and consumers on the platform, uphold fairness and promote safety.

So, here we have the features of MX TAKATAK. The amazing thing is that MX TakaTak keeps updating itself and adding more features. So you should be on the watch for the latest features at any point further down in the future.


Number of MX TakaTak Users

1.  MX Takatak, according to statistics, has around 150 million active monthly members. Compared to Instagram’s 1.2 billion record or LinkedIn’s 830 million users, this merely is a fraction. However, we should consider how it originated in an Asian country and how a majority of its users are Indian. The MX Takatak platform is now spreading around the world. It means that its potential reach is high and could easily reach a wide customer base.

MX Takatak Number of Installations

2.  MX Takatak recorded over 26 million installations in the month of its release. By December, it hit almost 120 million downloads. Currently, it has recorded over 36.5 million downloads. Such growth rate is astronomical especially compared to Instagram which recorded 25,000 users on the day after its launch on Oct. 6, 2010, and approximately 27 million people in its userbase by March 2012. MX Takatak potential continues to grow today.

Time spent of MX Takatak

3.  The average time spent on the MX Takatak app currently stands at 20 minutes every day. This gives you ample opportunity to place your content strategically. Since your videos are 60 seconds at maximum, you can take advantage of this 20 minutes space to capture the attention of your target audience. Another reason this is important is that it reflects how much people enjoy the app and how much they rate it. Though this concept is better reflected by the next stat, the increase in time spent on MX Takatak reflects increased user engagement and devotion.

MX TakaTak demographics

4.      64% of Takatak users are males while 36% are females. 44% of users on the platform are between 15 and 24 while people from 25 to 34 years make up 34% of the total Takatak population. People from 35 to 44 years old comprise about 16% of users and the rest are over 45 years old. This shows a healthy distribution in demographics. That means, irrespective of whatever age-grade you desire to reach, you can easily find them on the platform.

MX Takatak rating on Play Store

5.  MX Takatak is rated at 4.2 stars out of 5 on Google Play Store. This was evaluated from over 911,969 votes on the mobile app store.

6.  An average of 95,305 people use MX Takatak daily. Above is the usage distribution as compiled by Similar Web.

Average Number of Creators on TakaTak

7.  MX Takatak has 15 million creators: This reflects the high number of engagements it has. Its high utility makes it the go-to place for marketing strategies of every sort. It also reflects its high potential for conversion. By posting the right content, at the right time and tailoring your content, you will definitely find the people you need for your product.

Number of Views in the 1st Month of Launch on Takatak

8.  MX Takatak, in the first month of its launch gathered over a billion views and 15 million video uploads.

If you have been looking for a new angle for your social media marketing, with an aim to reach a wider, more diversified audience, then MX Takatak is the app for you. Now that we’ve seen these stats, here are a couple of tips to help you to grow on MX Takatak.


1.  Open the app after downloading it from PlayStore.

2.  Like with Moj, you automatically have access to all the features of MX Takatak after opening the app. You can shoot and add your video for posting immediately.

3.  However, to fully enjoy the benefits of MX Takatak, you will need to sign up for MX Takatak. To do so, click on the account menu at the furthest right of the lower tab. You will see the option to sign up for a new account, sign up with Google or Facebook or sign up with your mobile number. Choose whichever suits you.

4.  You are now ready to post your first video on MX Takatak.

5.  To post your video on MX Takatak, click on the ‘New video’ symbol. It is the sign at the center of the lower tab menu. You can also add effects and filters to your video. Once you’re done with shooting or adding your video, you can add captions and ‘About’ to the video.

6.      Then, you can post it.


You might want to trend on MX Takatak for different reasons. This is for you irrespective of whether you are an influencer who wants to gather more followers in a new territory for your personal brand or you’re an entrepreneur who is looking for a new way to scale your business through online marketing.

If you are in the first category, one thing you should really take cognizance of is how much MX Takatak is like Tik Tok. Though its reach audience might be smaller than Tiktok, its algorithm works basically in the same way and so the same rules that make for viral engagement on Tiktok will work here.

Without further ado, here are the methods you should employ to go viral on MX Takatak:

1.  Create Useful and Engaging Content

You can’t go viral without great content. If your content isn’t captivating enough, you can’t hold the mind of people. Keeping people’s attention for the whole duration, or at least half the duration, of your video would make the MX Takatak algorithm to push your videos to more people.

The MX Takatak algorithm works similarly to that of Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok. The longer people are willing to spend watching your video, the more appealing the algorithm assumes your video is. Because it wants to keep people on the app for a longer time, it projects your videos to more people with similar interests as the people who have watched your videos. If these people also watch it to the end then it spreads further out.

Irrespective of whether you’re a musician, actor or a food brand, if you’re creative enough to blend entertainment (humor, music, etc), Education (important tips and hacks that link your business to the everyday lives of your people) and encouragement (touching people hearts by telling them what is important for them to hear) with your brand content, you’ll have the advantage of content.

Another thought to consider under this headline is to use sounds for your video. MX Takatak gives you access to a number of songs that can serve as the background sound for your video. The most viral videos on MX Takatak have matching sounds backing them up.

Ensure that your videos have top-notch visual quality. No one wants to watch videos with poor visual quality. You may not have to buy a DSLR quality camera but don’t use a silly phone’s camera either. Find something that you would also appreciate and make use of it to shoot your videos.

2.  Be Consistent

How do you attain success on any social media app and gather a massive following? It’s simple- Consistency. To grow on MX Takatak also, you will have to release video posts at least once daily. And, if you are posting once a day, you should be careful to post at the times when your followers are mostly online. This way, you get to be noticed faster.

3.  Use hashtags to promote your content

Hashtags are like linkers. They associate your content with a topic or a line of thought so that as many as are following that topic or line of thought also see your content. They make that content piece discoverable by others who are interested in that theme of the content.

Make use of the Video description section to put in hashtags when you are about to post your video to MX Takatak. It can accept over 1800 characters. Describe your video adequately,  and put more effort into selecting the right hashtags for your video.

You should also put hashtags in the caption section. Use relevant hashtags to boost your visibility.

This increases the chances that your video is discovered and, since you’ve been creating high-quality content, your total watch time will also grow in an equal manner.

4.  Take your followers along

One of the best ways for you to take advantage of your followers to get other followers is to engage them. You can create activities for them and have them carry it out, offering them rewards for joining in. Other than monetary rewards, you can mention them in your posts, react to their comments; and even co-host videos with them.

When you engage your audience, they realize how important they are to you and are more committed to you. They will even go out of their way to get you more followers.

5.      Engage other MX Takatak Creators

Relating with other successful influencers on MX Takatak. Follow other successful MX Takatak users, comment on their videos, and take part in trends and other discussions. Be active and visible in relevant MX Takatak communities. The more visible you are, the more people will find you and follow you for your great content. 

It doesn’t take much to go viral on MX Takatak Just do what you do on other social media platforms. A little effort doing the same thing as you would have on the other apps would yield the same result to even greater levels since this is a relatively new platform.

If you fall in the first category I mentioned above and you want to make money using the MX Takatak app, one question might be on your heart: is it possible to make sales on an online community such as MX Takatak?

The answer is a big yes, especially if you have the necessary knowledge. You need to understand that at least 1% of the people using the MX Takatak app have a need for the services or products you offer. 1% of 150 million is a whopping 1.5 million. 

The only problem now is how to find these people. And that’s the amazing thing about MX Takatak, and social networks in general: you don’t have to look for these people. Social networks bring these people to find you.

Here’s how you can get more sales on MX Takatak:

The first thing you should know is that MX Takatak is an Artificial Intelligence-based platform. This means that users only see ads based on their interests as perceived by the social algorithm. So if they have searched for a topic elsewhere before, they get to see ads related to that topic. Takatak does this to improve user experience by reducing unnecessary ads. However, they try to balance this with their monetization plans. MX Takatak’s monetization efforts started in August 2020, after a virtual conference.

Here are the steps you need to take if you want to use MX Takatak for your digital marketing strategy:

1.  Go Viral on MX Takatak: Firstly, follow through the steps we outlined above and go viral on MX Takatak. Businesses with the highest followerships do far better than those who neglect to grow their followership. If you want the majority of MX Takatak’s marketplace, pay attention to increasing your followership.

2.  Up your Digital game: Simply follow the instructions in this article such as using the right hashtags, metadata and words to describe your video. This way, when people are searching for related videos, your videos can be displayed as a suggestion.

Keywords have become very important for social media and web marketing in recent times. Failure to use the right keywords for your video means that you’ll miss out on a whole lot of traffic.

Another way to up your digital marketing strategy is to associate with people who already have the results you seek. Engage them and mention them in your posts. When your followers get engaged, you get them working to help your brand grow.

3.  Create amazing content that becomes the foundation of your ads: Ads become useless when there is no organic content to back the authenticity of your brand. Quality and consistency are necessary to draw your audience’s attention. To understand how to tailor your content to match your audience’s needs, you could learn it here.

4.  Take advantage of MX Takatak’s marketing tools: MX Takatak has several promotion tools that make marketing interesting. The basic one of all is the Hashtag which gives your brand a title online. Attaching custom hashtags to your posts and encouraging your followers to use the same hashtag gives your brand identity and makes it stand out from the other brands.

Another thing you should consider trying out is their ad tool. According to the about section on the Media Ant, ‘Digital advertising on the MX Takatak App is one of the most popular advertising options. The portals (pages) cater to an audience looking for content that would suit their product (taste). Frequent content updates on the portal keep the user engagement high. The content of the MX Takatak App attracts a high-quality audience, good engagement and repeat visits. If you are looking to reach your audience digitally, advertising on the MX Takatak app is a good option.’ (paraphrased)

5.  Maximize Insights: Make use of Takatak insights. Though it isn’t as sophisticated as that of the Facebook group apps, it offers you basic insights into how many people like your video and what they think about it.  Take note of the videos with the best engagements or that had the most responses. When did you post them? What were they about? The answer to these questions will help you create more content that can lead to sales.

6.  Be a part of the MX Takatak Creators’ Benefit: MX Takatak is committed to supporting its most committed creators. Although this reward is yet in the process, they have announced that they will be supporting creators with 100 Crore worth of Creator funds. Here’s how they said it:

“At MX Takatak we are excited to announce a new initiative for creators – the MX Takatak Creator Fund to encourage India’s talented and innovative set of established and emerging creators to create engaging, impactful and inspiring content on Takatak. The fund will deploy ₹100 crores for creators. In a promise to support our existing creators as well as to encourage new creators with impactful content ideas, the fund will help them use their creativity to build an exciting career. The MX Takatak creator fund will support creators of all sizes and backgrounds, rewarding the passion and creativity they put into inspiring, engaging and entertaining the community on MX Takatak.

“The MX Takatak Creator fund will be open for all Indian citizens and will reach thousands of creators across India. Creators who consistently post original videos or have unique ideas for content across various categories such as education, tech, sports, art, entertainment, fashion and makeup, travel & photography, etc. will be eligible for the fund. Once selected in the MX Takatak creator fund, the creators will receive regular rewards for their content based on various performance criteria such as uniqueness of their content, authenticity, views, engagement, followers, etc. In addition, a select few aspiring creators with story ideas that make a social impact will receive a startup fund to support the start of their journey on MX Takatak.”

7.  Though still in its beta phase, one powerful ad tool you should consider using is the ShareChat ad platform. Like other social ad platforms, it allows you to set up tailored ads and keep track of your digital marketing campaigns by yourself. Since MX Takatak has been acquired by Sharechat, the ad platform will allow you to send ads to MX Takatak too.

8.  If you’ve not gathered enough following to gather large organic marketing results, you should consider contracting an influencer on MX Takatak. Influencers are social media users with large followers who listen to them. If these influencers endorse your brand, it is sure to get quite a large audience. 

It is awesome how many opportunities exist on MX Takatak for promoting your business. Though it doesn’t have its own primary channel, it depends on Sharechat to create a seamless ad experience.


At this point, it is important to let you know that creativity in your digital marketing strategy is the secret behind success in online marketing whether you decide to run it on Facebook or on MX Takatak. Be creative in your MX Takatak content creation. Blend encouragement, entertainment and information without shifting from your primary goal which is to sales if you’re an agency trying to get more customers. 

That said, here’s a summary of everything we’ve discussed so far:

1.  MX Takatak is a video-sharing social network platform that is indigenous to India.

2.  It has shown consistently impressive growth patterns, increasing rapidly in its number of users. It also hasn’t reached its maximum potential.

3.  MX Takatak is very similar to Tiktok and uses the same marketing principles: Quality and Consistent content creation and engaging the tools for ad promotion.

4.      Going viral and making sales on MX Takatak is possible since its algorithm creates the perfect balance between ad content and organic content, allowing users to get the perfect user experience and advertisers/influencers to enjoy benefits for their marketing efforts.

MX Takatak is a promising brand for major marketing success. Similar to other social marketing channels, MX TakaTak has the ability to expose your business to the right people, especially when you engage the right methods.

So there you have it. Which of these steps are you going to take to go viral on MX Takatak this month? Share it with us in the comment section. We read all your comments and will respond to them.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends so that they can also get up to speed with what’s trending in the digital world. 

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