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There are so many new social media applications trending these days. Social media has gone beyond just Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, you know.

The amazing part is how India seems to be at the forefront of this social revolution; with so many new social platforms springing up from Indian developers.

So if you’ve been struggling to trend on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok, here’s one place where you won’t have too much of a competition.

In this article, we’ll be learning how to trend on Moj and make sales from it.


  1. What is Moj?
  2. Where did Moj begin?
  3. What features have Moj?
  4. 5 Moj stats you should know about.
  5. How do you use Moj?
  6. How do you trend on Moj?
  7. In Conclusion


Moj is an Indian Social Media application that was released on 29th June 2020. Basically, it functions as a video-sharing app.

Users can create videos and skits, overlay them with amazing filters and share these videos to their large audience. Moj currently boasts of over a hundred million users globally. It also includes special effects, emoticons and stickers as features for videos.

Moj short videos have a duration of 15 seconds to one minute and include genres like dance, travel, singing, acting, education and comedy.

Unlike most other video-sharing apps, Moj does allow users to download videos. It is rendered in fifteen languages which include:  Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Haryanvi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Tamil, Telugu and English.

Moj is the place to go if you desire to reach a predominantly Indian audience. However, Moj is spreading across the world too as it has partnered with Snap Chat to create new lenses or filters for the platform, with plans in place to create a total of four hundred lenses as time goes by.


Shortly after Tik Tok was banned in 2020 from India along with the other 59 Chinese apps, Moj was released.

The video-sharing industry is one fast-growing one and the Moj app was ready to take over the market.

The video-sharing platform was created by ShareChat under Mohalla Tech Pvt Ltd. Mohalla Tech Pvt Ltd. was founded by Ankush Sachdeva, Bhanu Pratap Singh and Farid Ahsan. ShareChat raised $124m within five funding rounds since its creation in 2015. 

Ankush Sachdeva owns a BTech in Computer Engineering and is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ShareChat. He overlooks the company’s growth strategy and closely monitors the product development.

Ankush Sachdeva

Bhanu Pratap Singh is the Co-founder/Chief Technology Officer at ShareChat, India’s largest regional language social media platform. Bhanu is in charge of the technology sector of ShareChat and has a BTech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kanpur. Over the last few years, he has developed a state-of-the-art machine learning technology, working together with his handpicked team.

Bhanu Pratap Singh

Farid Ahsan is a Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of ShareChat. He obtained a B.Tech in Metallurgical and Engineering from IIT Kanpur in 2014. After his graduation from IIT Kanpur, he went through a Summer Internship as an Analyst – Corporate Finance at Deutsche Bank, Mumbai, India. He is one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 Asia 2018.

Farid Ahsan

The Moj app was a major success, crossing over 50 thousand downloads on the Google Play Store app in 2 days. In January 2021, Moj crossed 100 million downloads on the Play Store within 6 months from its launch.


  • Content Creation in fifteen languages. Moj app allows you to create content in 16 languages: English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Odia, Bhojpuri, Assamese, Rajasthani, Haryanvi, and Urdu. Because of this, there’s a major opening for creating content for the Indian market.
  • Sound overs: Moj allows you to add sound overs that you can vibe to in your videos. Unfortunately, most of these songs are Indian. They should work for your video though.
  • 15-30 seconds videos are allowed on the app. This includes normal videos, lip sync videos, videos with special effects and filters. According to Sharechat, singing, beauty, dancing, lip-syncing, tech, culinary, jokes and comedy, trick, challenge, Bollywood, and fashion are among the top-most popular categories on the community.
  • Speed shots: Moj allows you to take a speed shot as it compresses the time for a normal video into a fraction of the time. It gives videos a humourous yet sophisticated effect.’
  • Beauty Effects: Moj also offers beauty effects for videos. It has skin polishing, skin whitening, skin shining, Face Cutting, Face Slimming, Face lengthening, Jaw lowering, Eye enlargement and Nose slimming features. It also allows you to alter your mouth’s width, alter the width of your mandible and reduce your cheek size. So, whatever beauty effect works for you, you have a long list of options to take a pick from.
  • Filters: Moj has about 28 different filters which have a way of enhancing the beauty of your photos. Don’t forget to use one of them when you’re editing your videos.
  • Effects: Moj has 5 video effects that give your videos an interesting look. There is the jitter effect that makes your video pulse like super bass beats, the science fiction effect that gives your videos a glitching effect. The Phantom and Ghosting  effects make your video seem haunted, though the second one has a blue hue to it. As the name implies, the Blureffect makes your business a blur. Effects are a great way to give your video a dramatic… effect.
  • Timers: You can also set automatic timers for your videos so that you don’t have to worry about ending your videos when they are over. This is perfect for videos that require a professional, off-hand effect.
  • Stickers: Moj also offers diverse stickers that help your video make a statement. There are a wide range to pick from, including this cute cat sticker below. Stickers give your videos an amusing feel so that your followers feel at home with you.
Moj stickers
  • Creator Support: Moj has a program for creators to assist in developing a creator-friendly ecosystem on the platform. They seek to support and nurture high-quality creators on the platform by providing training, seminars, and other resources to help them flourish. 
  • Community Guidelines: Moj also has a strict community guideline to guarantee that no content violating the rules are permitted on the app.

So, here we have the features of MOJ. The amazing thing is that Moj keeps updating itself and adding more features. So be on the lookout for new features any time soon.


Number of Moj Users

1. Moj, according to statistics, has around 120 million active monthly members. Compared to the 1.2 billion record for Instagram and 830 million users for LinkedIn, this might merely be a fraction. However, to be considered is how a majority of this number are Indian and the oj platform is now spreading globally. It means that its potential reach is high and could easily reach a wide customer base.

Moj number of downloads

2. The app crossed more than 50 thousand downloads on the Google Play Store in 2 days. As of January 2021, Moj hit over 100 million downloads on the Play Store within 6 months from its launch. If you were looking for evidence of Moj’s growth potential and ability to expand, this is what you need. Such growth rate is astronomical especially compared to Instagram which recorded 25,000 users on the day after its launch on Oct. 6, 2010 and approximately 27 million users in its user base by March 2012. Moj potential continues to grow till today.

Average time spent on Moj

3. The average time spent on the Moj app currently stands at 34 minutes every day. This is a steady increase from the first quarter of 2020-2021 when it was at 18 minutes for average users. This gives you ample opportunity to place your content strategically. Since your video is 15 seconds at maximum, you can take advantage of this 34 minutes space to grab your target audience’s attention. Another reason this is important is that it reflects how much people enjoy the app and how much they rate it. Though this concept is better reflected by the next stat,  the increase in time spent on Moj reflects increased user engagement and devotion.

Moj playstore rating

4. Moj has a rating of 4.5 on Google play store. The graph below, courtesy of, shows an average daIly usage of 43,250 in the United States. This shows how Moj is becoming an internationally preferred application for social video sharing. People are loving the application

Moj Usage in the US

5. Moj is now ranked in the top five free applications on the Google Play Store and the top ten online social apps on the Apple App Store. This is based on a report by Selectra. It has also become one of the apps for choice for mobile devices such as Gionee. This reflects if user-friendliness and engagement. It has features that even make users to be ‘Moj Stras’.

Moj number of creators

6. Moj has over 2.8 million creators, with approximately 2.5 lakh worth of new videos being generated each day: This reflects the high number of engagements it has. Its high utility makes it the go-to place for marketing strategies of every sort. It also reflects its high potential for conversion. By posting the right content, at the right time and tailoring your content, you will definitely find the people you need for your product.

7. Moj saw over 3.4 billion minutes of user clicks in its first month, And this number hasn’t reduced since then.

If you have been looking for a new angle for your social media marketing, with an aim to reach a wider, more diversified audience, then Moj is the app for you. Now that we’ve seen these stats, here are a couple of tips to help you to grow on Moj.


  1. After downloading the app from PlayStore, open it.
  2. You automatically have access to all the features of Moj after opening the app. You can shoot and add your video for posting immediately.
  3. However, to fully enjoy the benefits of Moj, you will need to sign up for Moj. To do so, click on the account menu on the tab. You will see the option to sign up for a new account, sign up with Google or sign up with Facebook. Choose whichever suits you.
  4. You are now ready to post your first video on Moj.
  5. To post your video on Moj, click on the New video symbol. You can add effects and filters to your video. Once you’re done with shooting or adding your video, you can add captions and ‘About’ to the video.
  6. Then, you can post it.


You might want to trend on Moj for different reasons. You may be an entrepreneur looking for a new way to scale your business through online marketing or you might be an influencer who wants to gather more following for your personal brand.

If you are in the second category, one thing you should really take cognizance of is how much Moj is like TikTok. Though its reach demographic might be smaller than Tiktok, its algorithm works basically in the same way and so the same principles that make for viral engagement on tiktok will work here.

Without further ado, here are the ways to go viral on Moj:

  1. Create valuable content: You can’t go viral without content. If your content isn’t engaging, you can’t keep the attention of people. Keeping people’s attention for the whole length, or at least half the length, of your video would make the Moj algorithm to push your videos to more people.
    The Moj algorithm works similarly to that of Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok.

    The more time people are willing to spend watching your video, the more interesting the algorithm assumes your video is. Because it wants to keep people on the app for longer periods, it sends your videos to more people with similar interests as the people who have watched your videos. If these people also watch it to the end then it spreads further out.

    Irrespective of whether you’re a tech business or a food brand, if you’re creative enough to blend entertainment (humor, music etc), Education (important tips and hacks that link your business to the everyday lives of your people) and encouragement (touching people hearts by telling them what they need to hear) with your brand content, you’ll have the content edge.

    Another thought to consider under this headline is to use sounds for your video. Moj gives you access to a number of songs that can serve as the background sound for your video. The most viral videos on Moj have matching sounds backing them up.

    Ensure that your videos have high visual quality. No one wants to watch videos with poor visual quality. You may not have to buy a DSLR quality camera but don’t use a silly phone’s camera either. Find something that you would also appreciate and make use of it to shoot your videos.
  2. Be Consistent: Consistency is the key to success on any social media app. To thrive on Moj too, you might need to post at least once every day. And, if you are post once a day, you should be careful to post at the times when your followers are mostly online. This way, you get to be spotted easily.
  3. Use hashtags to boost your content: Hashtags act like trackers on a piece of content. They make that content piece discoverable by others who are interested in that theme of the content.
    When you create videos on Moj, there is space for “about your video”. The video about space can take over 1800 characters. These characters should be put to good use. Talk less about the video, except a long epistle is necessary and put more effort into selecting the right hashtags for your video.
    Another great place where hashtags can come in is in the caption section. Put in relevant hashtags to increase visibility.
    This makes your video more discoverable and, since you’ve created great content, your total watch time will grow exponentially.
  4. Engage your followers. One of the best ways for you to leverage yout followers to gain more followers is to engage them. You can create challenges for them and have them follow through with it, giving them rewards for joining in. These rewards don’t have to be monetary. You can mention them in posts, react to their comments and post engagements; and even do duet videos with them.
    When you engage your audience, you help them to realize how important they are to you. Because of this, they are more loyal to you and will even go out of their way to get you more followers.
  5. Relate with other Moj users: A great way to grow on Moj is to relate with other people that use Moj and are successful. So don’t forget to follow other successful Moj users. Comment on their videos, join trends and other discussions. Ensure that you are visible in the Moj communities. The more you are visible, the more people will find you and follow you for your great content. 

Going viral on Moj doesn’t require that you do any more than you used to do on other social media platforms. A little effort doing the same thing as you would have on the other apps would yield the same result to even greater levels.

So, that’s about going viral. How about if you fall in the first category I mentioned above and you want to make money using the Moj app? 

If you’re in the first category, one question might be on your heart: is it possible to make sales on an online community such as Moj? The answer is a big yes, especially if you have the right knowledge that you need. You need to understand that, at least, 1% of the people using the Moj app have a need for the services or products you offer.1% of 120 million is a whopping 1.2 million. 

The only problem now is how to find these people. And that’s the amazing thing about Moj, and social networks in general: with them, you don’t have to look for these people. These people look for and find you.

Is it possible to make sales on an online community such as Moj? The answer is a big yes!

Here’s how you can get more sales on Moj

The first thing you should know is that Moj is an AI-based platform. This means that users only get to see ads that relate to and are useful to them contextually. This is to enhance the user experience, keeping the clutter away while creating a balance with the monetizing aspect. This keeps the user from seeing more than two ads, per about 15 posts.

Moj’s monetization efforts started in August 2020, after a virtual conference.

Here are the steps you need to take if you want to use Moj for your digital marketing strategy:

  1. Go Viral on Moj: The first step is to go through the steps iterated above to go viral on Moj. Businesses with the highest followers ships thrive are better than those who are still trying to grow their followership. If you want the lion’s share of the Moj marketplace, pay attention to growing your followership.
  2. Up your Digital game: Don’t think of this as too complex. It simply involves using the right hashtags, metadata and words to describe your video. This way, when people are searching for related videos, your videos can be shared as a suggestion.
    Keywords have become all the rage for social media and web marketing these days. If you don’t use the right words for your content, the words that people would prefer to use to search for the content in your niche, you’ll miss out on a whole lot of traffic.
  3. Create amazing content that becomes the foundation of your ads: Ads become useless when there is no organic content to back the authenticity of your brand. Quality and consistency are necessary to draw your audience’s attention. To understand how to tailor your content to match your audience’s needs, you could learn it here.
  4. Take advantage of Moj’s marketing tools: Moj has several promotion tools that make marketing interesting. The basic one of all is the Hashtag which gives your brand a title online. Attaching custom hashtags to your posts and encouraging your followers to use the same hashtag gives your brand identity and makes it stand out from the other brands.

    Another thing you should consider trying out is eir unique ad model called Splash Entries. Splash entries make your ad the first thing users see when they log into the Moj app. It lasts for four seconds and is unskippable. Clicking on the screen leads users to your landing page to close the deal. Chawla, one of the personnel in charge of marketing for the Moj app, states that it seamlessly merges into the user feed and appears as the first post. This impactful entry ensures more engagement, 100% share of voice, and twice the impressions. Many advertisers, especially in the FMCG space are utilizing this property, mainly for new product launches.
  5. You could join the Moj creators program: All original creators are eligible for the program as long as they aren’t enrolled in any other program/agreement with ShareChat/Moj. By original creators, they mean creators who don’t upload duplicate videos. A creator will be eligible after creating at least 5 videos including a minimum of 1 video shot with Moj Camera. The uploaded videos must be in line with Moj’s Terms of Use, Community Guidelines and the Monetization Guidelines.
    Examples of videos that qualify for monetization, include but are not limited to:
  • Videos with original dialogue, music or dance performance,
  • Videos that showcase original visuals using an existing audio track,
  • Videos that might be similar in content topic, but are different in what they contain
  • Multiple original/existing clips edited into one video with an original concept
  • Good quality videos-resolution (720p and above)
  • Videos created for HTC participation. HTC stands for Hit The Cell, a challenge designed to get people on their cell phones.

Examples of videos that do not qualify for monetization, include but are not limited to:

  • Templatized or aggregated, fake or copied videos
  • Image slideshows (Unless photography genre with original pictures showcased)
  • Watermarked videos
  • NSFW content- NSFW stands for Not Suitable for Work.
  • Creators with a high duplication rate. That is, most of their content are replicas of those of other people.

Click here to discover more about Moj creator studio

  1. A third feature you should consider trying out is the Sharechat TV which is perfect for long-form content and ads. It’s not very clear yet how Sharechat TV will integrate with the Moj app but we do know that Sharechat TV will give advertisers increased options to reach their target audience.
  2. Though still in its beta phase, one powerful ad tool you should consider using is the ShareChat ad platform. Like other social ad platforms, it allows you to set up tailored ads and keep track of your digital marketing campaigns by yourself.
  3. If you’ve not gathered enough following to gather large organic marketing results, you should consider contracting an influencer on Moj. Influencers are social media users with large followers who listen to them. If these influencers endorse your brand, it is sure to get quite a large audience. 
  4. Finally, we have the Sharechat business offer which allows you to enjoy 100% bonus ad credits for the same amount they added to their ad wallet.

It’s awesome how many opportunities exist on Moj for promoting your business. Though it doesn’t have its own primary channel, it depends on Sharechat to create a seamless ad experience.


As we wrap up this article, it is important to know that creativity in your digital marketing strategy is the secret behind success in online marketing. Therefore, be creative in your Moj content creation. Blend entertainment and information without compromising your main aim which is sales. 

That said, here’s a summary of everything we’ve discussed so far:

  1. Moj is a video-sharing social network that is indigenous to India.
  2. It has expressed a steady growth pattern both is user data and collaborations.
  3. Moj works quite the same as Tiktok and utilizes the same marketing principles: Quality and Consistent content creation and engaging the tools for ad promotion.
  4. Going viral as well as making sales on Moj is actually very easy because of how its algorithm creates the perfect balance between ad content and organic content so that users can get the perfect user experience and advertisers/influencers can also enjoy results for their marketing efforts.

Moj shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to hitting major marketing success. Like other social marketing channels, Moj is very capable of bringing your business before the right set of individuals, especially when you engage the right tactics.

So there you have it. Which of these steps are you going to take to go viral on Moj this month? Share it with us in the comment section. We read all your comments and will respond to them.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends so that they can also get up to speed with what’s trending in the digital world. 

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