It’s the one secret behind Jell-O’s $1 million rise in sales between 1904 and 1906 as well as Mint’s ability to sell $170 million worth of intuit within three years and gather over 10 million users by 2013. Thousands of companies rely on it for sales success and customer satisfaction.  57% of marketers in 2017 reported that it was their priority in 2014 according to Altimeter. Are you a business owner hoping to increase or diversify your customer base? It’s just what you need. What exactly is this thing that has the entire world of business turning on its head?

You guessed right- it’s Content Marketing! While content creation isn’t necessarily tied to sales, it turns out that it has the power to push sales to unbelievable extents. When done right, it can put the hearts of your customers in the palms of your hands and convert non-customers into loyal fans within the shortest time. The best part is that it does so in the most subtle way.  Like a hidden trap, it hits the target without a fight.

So, what exactly is content marketing and how can you make it work for your brand? This article will answer those questions and even give you real examples so that you see how effective it is.


  • What is content marketing?
  • Why is content marketing important?
  • Examples of Content marketing that yielded results.
  • 9 Content Marketing Tips to Help You Rank Top in your Niche
  • Conclusion


Content marketing is the creation and publication of textual, visual and auditory materials to draw public attention. Notice that my definition had nothing to do with sales? It’s because, while the ultimate goal of every profit-oriented organization is sales, Content Marketing takes an unlikely route to achieve it- customer loyalty. This is why the primary goal of content marketing is public awareness and reputation building. Because of the intense competition out there and with the way fraud has multiplied, your brand will have to stand out as quintessential and genuine to get the approval of potential customers, especially since most of those people don’t know you personally to try your brand for relationship sake.

And this is what content marketing does for you: it allows you to build emotional rapport with these potential customers so that, without their ever knowing you personally, you can resonate emotionally with them and pass for the best option that can meet their needs. You can be a genius but if you don’t stand out from the crowd, people would hardly care. Content Marketing helps you solve that.

Typically, Content Marketing involves entertaining, educating and encouraging the public for free. In exchange, instead of money, you get their loyalty. However, if you have my loyalty, you have my pocket too, so it’s a very good bargain. You can think of it in terms of fishing. The fisherman gives the fish free dinner when he drops the bait into the lake. In exchange, he gets the fish’s attention. However, at the same time, he gets the fish for dinner. While humans aren’t fishes and you don’t get to eat them for dinner, you do get the point.


A lot depends on the public image of your brand. Have you ever wondered why you always choose a certain type of cream amongst the other brands on the supermarket counter? Most times, it is because you trust that brand even if you weren’t there during the production process. Probably you saw an ad and decided to give them a try. If their ad wasn’t compelling enough, you wouldn’t have given them a second thought.

Below are five benefits of Content Marketing you should keep in mind whenever you think you’re overspending on content creation:

  1. Promoting Brand Publicity: People won’t even consider your brand if they didn’t know it existed. Through content marketing, you can become visible. People are always looking for answers, especially in your niche- whether you’re a business owner or an NGO. If your content can answer those questions, you will be noticed. If your content is engaging enough to make people share it, it’s an added advantage. This is the secret behind household brand names.
  2. Influencing Your Brand Reputation: If people see your brand as an authority on a subject matter, or as caring about their personal needs, they are more likely to patronize you. And your content has the power to create these personas. Great content marketing gets people to trust you and soon, they’ll end up in a unanimous relationship with your brand.
  3. Influencing Customer Decision-Making: Great content marketing can make people change their preferences in favour of your brand. It could make them increase their frequency of patronization. It could make them go out of their way to meet your expectations.
  4. Increasing Customer Loyalty: People’s loyalties are tied to places where they see results. And their loyalty influences repeat purchase and referrals. I find it very hard to choose any other beverage than my favourite morning beverage, Nescafe, not because others might not be better or less expensive but because of some emotional attachment I have to it and that emotional attachment started because of content. With great content marketing, you can turn your audience into your biggest fans so that their word-of-mouth also becomes a means of publicity for your brand.
  5. Improving Conversions: According to a study conducted by Aberdeen, conversion rates for companies that employed content marketing multiplied almost six times over compared to non-adopters. In other words, while traditional marketing would get you quick sales, content marketing will multiply those sales incredibly. Content marketing across all public engagement channels will keep your customer hooked through all the levels of the sales process- from awareness to check-out.

And stats show that content marketing would do that for 62% less cost than traditional marketing while generating about thrice the leads.


In the mouth nf two or three witnesses a truth is confirmed. In this section, I have four witnesses pointing to how content marketing makes the difference in the marketing strategy of any company.

  1. COINBASE: Coinbase is an American cryptocurrency exchange platform. It also serves as a broker and crypto-wallet, not to mention the trading services it offers. It was established in June 2012 by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam. As of 2021, they hit a net income of $3.62 billion and reported 43 million verified users across over a hundred countries. Coinbase has a marketing team that engages ads for them but I doubt I’ve ever seen one of their ads. I got to know Coinbase when I started researching Cryptocurrency. They always had the perfect answer to all my questions and they explained it so well, just reading their articles made me feel like a crypto whale already. In their articles, there’d be subtle pointers to their services now and then. I’m sure the same goes for a lot of other people. Many people decided to use Coinbase as their exchange and wallet service provider because Coinbase was able to position itself as a subject matter authority, a customer-centric exchanger and a trustworthy service provider. Brian Armstrong even says it, himself on his Medium page:
    “… we attract new users through channels such as… SEO…”
    By SEO he refers to the ranking method for website content. It shows how much priority the Coinbase team has placed on content development. Currently, they have hit their goal: 1M monthly active users, the critical mass required for their later phases.
  2. The Copy Posse: Alex Cattoni, the vibrant CEO of the Copy Posse, sure knows how to build a community using content. She is a copywriter; however, she took her trade further to train others in copywriting through her paid Copyposse program. Currently, her community is over 600,000 people strong with thousands of people registering for her classes. How did she gain so much popularity? She gives free copywriting tips on her social media pages and YouTube channel. Watching her channel makes you like that she is the guru of copywriting and she is so successful that you are tempted to want to be her. So when she offers a paid copywriting class where she promises to share ALL of her secrets to success, it would take a heart of cement to refuse such.
  3. Indomie: Our favourite instant noodles brand brought a whole new twist to content marketing in 2014 with their cartoon/comic book franchise, the Indomitables. The comic as well as adverts based on the story portrayed the instant noodles as somehow being capable of giving kids superpowers from the minerals it contained. Soon, every kid began to imagine themselves as one of the superpowered characters and started insisting on the noodles. The cartoon content helped them multiply marketing ideas and success as competitions and quests were based on the characters. These quests required people to buy more Indomie packets to win, thus multiplying sales. Now imagine they hadn’t thought about the cartoon content, the Indomitables?
  4. UBA: Do you receive UBA’s emails? You’d find them to be very entertaining with quirky scenarios and one-liners that ultimately point to their banking services in a not-so-obvious manner. They have prioritized top-notch content creation via their email newsletters such that when they eventually bring an offer, you just can’t say no; except you don’t have the money to spare.

Here are four companies whose successes are easily verifiable. There are many others out there, companies that understand the importance of content marketing and how it is capable of pushing their growth by multiplying the effect of their marketing efforts.

At this point, I imagine you groaning in hunger, wanting to know how to make the most of content marketing to help you rank I your niche. I won’t hold it back anymore. Here we go!


The following nine tips are time-tested and trusted. I’ve employed them for years and have seen them yield results time after time. With a little patience and practice, I’m sure you’ll ace them too.

  • Know Your Audience.

I started talking to my little cousins about how important it was to set goals for their lives and how they should have started thinking about their futures already. When I was done, I was devastated to notice the two boys looking at me blankly. To top it up, the older one, speaking for them both, suddenly piped up and said, “Can we watch cartoons now?” Looking back, I realize that I shouldn’t have expected more from them. Certain conversations are meant for matured minds. The same reasoning works for content marketing. You need to know your audience, their pain points, how they like to be talked to, the kind of words they’d like to hear, the topics they are likely to be interested in from your niche, the questions they are likely to ask and so on. The game of content marketing is played on the turf of the customers, not on yours. For your content marketing to be effective, it must be carried out from their point of view, not yours. If your product or service serves multiple demographics, then you must be willing to tailor your content to serve those demographics separately. In other words, you should be prepared to create a content piece that would suit one side of the demographics and another content piece that would satisfy the other side of the divide. This requires thinking audience research. There are so many articles on the web from which you can learn what suits different demographics.

  • See what works for your industry but don’t be rigid.

Every industry has a form of content marketing with which industry players can never go wrong. People in the cooking industry do great when they release videos of them cooking new recipes with twists they invented. Cookbooks work too. Writers do great when they talk about their process, the story behind their story or maybe an excerpt from their story.  Research your industry and the competitors that share that industry with you. What kind of content do they all have in common? What topics do they always discuss? Is Facebook their prime channel or is it YouTube? While this might serve as a template of what might work, it shouldn’t restrict you to falling in line with the rest of your competitors. The next point explains better.

  • Think Strategy. Get Creative.

The information you get from audience analysis and industry analysis should give you a platform to stand out. Rather than falling in line, they should help you decide on ways you can improve on or change former practices to be different. This is what Content Marketing Strategy is all about. For example, when Mercy Johnson wanted to start her cooking show, she didn’t just have videos of herself cooking; she invited public figures to join her in dialogue so that, apart from the satisfaction of learning a new meal, her audience could also get the thrill of juicy inside gossip. Alex Cattoni’s YouTube videos are like conversations. They are basically tutorials but they are so excellently presented and she does so with an attitude that makes you flow with the lesson. The point is to think about topics that your audience would want to engage and figure out new and more interesting ways to present them. Are there ways you can get them to watch videos longer? Will they be more interested in reading? Would it be preferable to use Instagram or LinkedIn? Come up with a foolproof plan and a line of action that comprises your industry’s standard but is also unique to you.

  • Entertain. Educate. Encourage.

These are the 3E’s of content marketing. The mistake a lot of individuals make with content is to make their content salesy. Every paragraph invites the audience to buy something. You must understand that everyone will not buy in immediately. Some people will need to keep coming before they are eventually converted. Just like in the story of the prince in the 48 Laws of Power, if you keep bothering these people will sales offers, they will block your content off. Ideally, your content marketing strategy should be aimed at three things: entertainment, education and encouragement. The three have to be incorporated. People always keep coming back to sources where they can get these three things. The more they return, the more their loyalty is building at a subconscious level. Soon, they’ll find out that they are compelled to patronize you. And then you win.

  • Remember Sales are the ultimate goal.

While you’re focused on the 3E’s of content marketing, don’t throw away opportunities to mention that you offer certain services. Of course, it should be subtle; more of a mere suggestion than a push. I love the way Coinbase does it. Here is a sample:

How to use content to drive sales


How to use content to drive sales

They were giving great educational value through their content and then they came to a question which people would normally ask and which also impinged on the services and they simply suggested that Ethereum could be bought on their platform while mentioning the possibility of finding it on other platforms. However, because I got my answers from them, I’m most likely to choose them, right? Find ways to turn people’s eyes to the services you offer without being too obvious. You’ll soon have them saying, “take my money, please.”

  • Know your SEO.

You don’t have to be a grounded SEO expert. You just need to know what words people are using to ask questions in your niche, and utilize those words in your articles and the descriptions. Whether you’re publishing on a blog or on YouTube, there is always the option of optimizing your metadata (i.e title, video or articledescription, tags and category). Don’t fill those out haphazardly. Use your niche’s register, the ones that people are most likely to use for question to fill those spaces. You can learn basic SEO almost anywhere on the internet these days. It will help you rank higher on search engines and social media.

  • Be consistent.

Posting content once a month will get you no where. Remember that you want to create rapport between your brand and your audience. The best way to do it is to be consistent. I’d recommend that your audience hears from you at least thrice a week. It doesn’t have to be a long article. A social media post could also do, depending on your purpose. The more you publish content, the more you’re likely to be noticed.

  • Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.

How many stones do you have to put together to create gold? A million wouldn’t do. In other words, even if you have a million blog posts and YouTube videos, we’ll all still run away from you if your content is substandard. Don’t forget that another goal is to appear as an authority in your niche and to attach yourself to your customers’ hearts. You can’t do that if your content is full of junk. Rather than push yourself too hard for quantity, take it slow and create as much high-quality content as you can; building up till you can consistently create more.

  • Get feedback

Listen to the response from your audience. It could be positive or negative. Note that your audience being silent is also negative feedback. Ask them for their opinions on topics to be treated or on how you can improve. Incorporate their feedback into the next phase of your content scheme.

These are the 9 secrets of successful content marketing.


To grow a business, all it takes is being creative enough to stand out and carve a pedestal out for yourself. Following traditional marketing methods strictly will bring some results. But with the stiff competition in business globally, ‘some result’ will never be enough to make you survive in the long-term. Are you a new business owner? Are you a veteran looking for the right tool to take your business to the next level? Are you a struggling business owner, trying to break out of your average results into the big leagues? I’ll have you know that the change is in your hands. Will it cost you? Sure! It will take your time if you choose to handle it yourself. It will cost you money if you decide to outsource it to professionals- which is the best idea. However, it will pay you far above the cost.

Also, realize that great content marketing will never be a substitute for poor goods and services. Poor customer reviews will chase people away even if you have the answers to all of life’s questions; past, present and future. Both go hand in hand and affect your brand’s reputation.

So, there you have it. What point got you’re your attention the most? Which one will you try out this month? Let us know in the comment section.

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